Far Cry 3 - Demake

2013-02-15 17:40:10 by VOEC

I guess I don't really post here much often, but I just made this little image collage of a sort of demake for Far Cry 3 and didn't know where else to share it.

You can view the full montage here:
http://384400kilometers.tumblr.com/post/43176188 637/i-got-this-idea-yesterday-and-wanted-to-try-

I got this idea yesterday and wanted to try it out.
I think that Far Cry 3's concept would have worked a lot better as a Point'n'Click game.
At least the meta commentary would have come across much clearer than by just throwing random Alice quotes in there...

Far Cry 3 - Demake


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2013-02-15 21:10:14

Really cool artstyle and Idea!
Hope you can find a team. :D